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Going to Europe Again

Visiting nine countries this time!

overcast 18 °C

What a wonderful pleasure to visit so many countries again!


This are the countries we are going to visit:

  • England
  • Belgium
  • Germany
  • Czech Republic
  • Italy
  • Croatia
  • Greece
  • Turkey
  • Austria

About This Trip

I can't describe what I feel when I think about this trip...For me it's a great excitement to visit so many countries, and specially if we travel by the Euro Rail.

Going to the tourist areas or visiting the main cities' attactions it's a dream for me. I enjoy each place I visit and I love to take lots of pictures and write about them. I'm also very excited about going in a cruise by the Mediterranean when we get Italy. When we arrive in Venice, we'll leave to the Mediterranean in the Norewgian Jade Cruise. I never have done this kind of trip before and I guess it's going to be amazing! Can't wait!

The Norwegian Cruise

The Norwegian Cruise



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We go to Europe again!

Vamos a Europa otra vez!

semi-overcast 17 °C



Going to Europe again is a fascinating experience for me. This time we travel from Vancouver to London, stay there for a couple of days, then we go to other countries along Europe, and when we arrive in Italy, we go in a cruise. We leave from Venice, go to Croatia, and then to Athens. We come back to Venice and then we go by the other side of Europe that we haven’t visited yet. I’m not sure yet what are exactly the countries we are going to visit, but for sure Austria is in our plan. I think we go to Germany and Czech Republic as well. What a trip! With this trip I guess I can say I have been in almost all the countries in Europe! Our next trip definitely must be to South America. I want to go to Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Peru and probably Ecuador. Colombia is my country, so I don’t count it, we go there very often. I’m not really interested in visiting Asia or Africa I don’t know why. The trip to Chine actually was cancelled because of my lack of interest for this culture. I may change my mind later, but that probably would be when we have already visited several countries in South America. Aaaah que rico que es viajar! It is so nice to travel!

Ir a Europa otra vez es una experiencia fascinante para mi. ESta vez viajamos de Vancouver a Londres, nos quedamos alla un par de dias, despues vamos a otros paises a lo largo de Europa, y cuando lleguemos a Italia, nos vamos en un crucero. Salimos de Vencia, vamos a Croacia, y despues a Atenas. Regresamos a Venecia y despues nos vamos por el otro lado de Europa por la parte que no conocemos todavia. No estoy muy segura que paises vamos a visitor, pero seguro vamos a Austria, esta en nuestros planes. Creo que tambien vamos a Alemania y a la Republica Checa. Que viaje! Con este viaje me imagino que ya puedo decir que he estado en casi todos los paises de Europa! Nuestro proximo viaje tiene que ser definitivamente a Suramerica. Quiero ir a Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Peru y tal vez a Ecuador. Colombia es mi pais, asi que no lo cuento, alla vamos muy a menudo. No estoy realmente muy interesada en conocer Asia o Africa no se porque. El viaje a China la verdad fue cancelado por mi falta de interes por esta cultura. Tal vez cambie de forma de pensar despues, pero eso no va a ser sino hasta que ya allamos visitado varios paises en Suramerica. Aaah it’s so nice to travel! Aaah que rico que es viajar!

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Not really sure about going to Austria...

No estoy realmente muy segura de ir a Austria...



I don't know why I'm changing my mind about the trip to Austria. At first, the plans where to go to China, and I changed my mind as well. Now I feel like not going to Austria either. I'd like to go there actually, but I also would like to take advantage to go to the closest countries as well, but I guess my husband doesn't want to do that. I love to go by the Euro rail from country to country because it's fun and actually not really expensive. I want to travel here and there, but at the time to take the decision, it’s like I don't want to go anywhere anyway. I don't know why. Maybe these days I'm just not in the mood for anything, or maybe I just need to wait till I really feel like traveling again. Anyway the trip is supposed to be for September, not before. I want to enjoy our cabin this summer and its beautiful view from the beach (see picture above). Maybe what I need is just to go to our cabin and rest.

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Vienna, Austria

My dream trip for this year...

9 °C


I want to go to Vienna, Austria for my birthday in September, but my husband doesn't really feel like going to this country. He wants to go to China because we have businesses there, but I'm not really attracted to China. The only thing I’d like to do there is shopping in Shanghai, but I don’t think that’s what I want to do for my birthday this year. I want to go to Vienna because this country has a meaning for me:

In Colombia, when a girl is fifteen, parents do a special party for their daughter where there are fourteen girls dressed beautifully with long dresses (different color than the fifteen y.o. girl), and the “princess” of the night, the fifteen years old girl, wears a beautiful long pink dress and dances with her father a beautiful waltz. After dancing for a little while with the father, the girl dances with her boyfriend if she has one; then each of the fifteen boys dances with the girl. The waltz song for my party was The Blue Danube (a waltz by the Austrian composer Johann Strauss II, composed in 1866) a song that since then, touches my heart in an incredible way because everytime I listen it, I feel exactly what I felt at that very moment when I felt like I was a princess. This is why I want to go to Vienna, because I want to watch the Blue Danube played in real by the best orchestra in the world, the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra! I want to feel special, I want to feel transported not only to my fifteen years, but also to the late 1800s, when this beautiful waltz was played for the Austrians at the luxurious and astonishing theaters in Vienna. I also want to listening it during a Blue Danube river tour, it is said that the song is played during the tour.

The Blue Danube
Danube so blue,
so bright and blue,
through vale and field
you flow so calm,
our Vienna greets you,
your silver stream
through all the lands
you merry the heart
with your beautiful shores.

Far from the Black Forest
you hurry to the sea
giving your blessing
to everything.
Eastward you flow,
welcoming your brothers,
A picture of peace
for all time!
Old castles looking
down from high,
greet you smiling
from their steep
and craggy hilltops,
and the mountains' vistas
mirror in your dancing waves.

The mermaids from the riverbed,
whispering as you flow by,
are heard by everything
under the blue sky above.
The noise of your passing
is a song from old times
and with the brightest sounds
your song leads you ever on.

Stop your tides at Vienna,
it loves you so much!
Whenever you might look
you will find nowhere like Vienna!
Here pours a full chest
the charms of happy wishes,
and heartfelt German wishes
are flown away on your waters.

You know very well your brother, the Rhine,
on its banks grows a magnificent wine,
there is also, day and night,
the fixed and faithful watch.
But envy him not those heavenly gifts
by you, too, many blessings stream down
and the brave hand protects
our homeland!

Therefore let us be united,
joined brothers, in strong ranks,
happy in troubled times;
Brave, when danger threatens us,
Home on the Danube beach,
are the hearts of our band,
To thee for all time
Good and blood are consecrated!

The boat travels on the waves so softly,
still is the night,
love watching only
the sailor whispers in the lover's ear,
that his heart long ago she owned.
O Heaven, have mercy on the loving couple,
protect them from danger there forever!
Now they pass on in blissful repose,
Boat, sail always on!

Young blood
fresh courage,
O how happy,
it unites laughter!
Love and passion
fills the breast --
it's the greatest in the world.

Now sing a cheerful and blessed song,
the jubilation as the air permeates
echoed loudly by the heart
and tie a band around us.

Free and faithful in song and deed,
Bring a height to Vienna city
bought it on the new full glory
and conquered with force.

And in conclusion
brings even a greeting
to our love of the beautiful Danube River.
Whatever the day
may bring us,
Loyalty and unity
is to protect us all the time!

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